Can you carry supplies, use a rake, or plan a day? Then you CAN be an NMBA volunteer!

Volunteering is actually easier than you think. You don’t have to be a trail building expert, have super strength, know how to use power equipment, or even be a mountain biker. We need skilled leaders and helpful assistants alike who share a love for our amazing resource – Rothrock State Forest.

Check out the many ways you can help below. A few hours of your time goes a long way!


We get it! Sometimes it’s hard enough to simply find time to enjoy the trails.

Consider joining NMBA and/or donating. We can’t get much done without supplies and equipment. So, we appreciate your dollar as much as your time.

Purple Lizard Maps

Ways to Volunteer

Lead a Ride/Sweep

Choose the route or hang back and make sure no one is left behind.

Organize a Work Day

Work with the project lead, set a date, list needed materials, and organize purchases and delivery.

Help Raise Funds

Run fundraisers, call on donors, or work a table at events.

Trail Maintenance

Lead or assist – weedwack, chainsaw, build, rake, dig, run supplies or operate heavy machinery.

Equipment Maintenance

Clean, repair and take inventory of NMBA equipment.

Share Knowledge

Teach others how to build and maintain trails, or use equipment properly. 

PennDOT Adopt-a-Highway: Bear Meadows Road

In 2010, through PennDOT’s Adopt-a-Highway program, NMBA adopted Bear Meadows Road. Trash clean-up occurs bi-annually in April and October.


One of the best aspects about volunteering is how much you can learn about the building and maintaining trails – skills you can build upon throughout life, maybe even use in your own backyard, and share with others. Here are two great videos from trail maintenance expert Eric Berendsen to show you common volunteer work you might help carry out.

Drain Maintenance

Rock Armoring

Does your special interest group want to help us with general trail maintenance or a specific project? Email us at trailwork@nittanymba.org.