Trail Work Hours Logged

The following Trail Work Hours were logged.


Thanks again for helping out!

Reference No.Date of WorkSelect the Rothrock State Forest TrailNumber of VolunteersNumber of hours per volunteer
09/24/2023Bald Knob Ridge Trail22
09/18/2023Harvest Fields Skills Park11.5
09/13/2023Colyer Lake Trail / Hobie’s Trail11.5
909/10/2023Maguire Trail21
809/10/2023Lower Trail21
09/05/2023Colyer Lake Trail / Hobie’s Trail11.5
09/05/2023Galbraith Gap Trail14
09/03/2023Harvest Fields Skills Park11
08/31/2023Harvest Fields Skills Park11.5
08/30/2023Harvest Fields Skills Park11.5
08/28/2023Harvest Fields - Gnarvest Trail11.25
08/28/2023Harvest Fields - Bomb Voyage Trail11.0
08/21/2023Colyer Lake Trail / Hobie’s Trail11.5
08/16/2023Harvest Fields Skills Park11.25
08/09/2023Colyer Lake Trail / Hobie’s Trail11.5
08/08/2023Colyer Lake Trail / Hobie’s Trail11.75
07/31/2023Harvest Fields Skills Park11.25
07/27/2023Colyer Lake Trail / Hobie’s Trail11.25
07/23/2023Unknown (add details in the Work Completed section)22
07/23/2023Huckleberry Loop22
07/22/2023Harvest Fields Skills Park12
07/20/2023Harvest Fields - Ascension Trail11.25
07/20/2023Harvest Fields - Ascension Trail12
507/18/2023Harvest Fields - Ascension Trail162
07/18/2023Colyer Lake Trail / Hobie’s Trail11.75
07/17/2023Harvest Fields Skills Park11.5
07/15/2023Harvest Fields Skills Park12
07/13/2023Harvest Fields Skills Park12
07/06/2023Colyer Lake Trail / Hobie’s Trail11.5
06/30/2023Harvest Fields Skills Park11.25
06/29/2023Harvest Fields Skills Park12.0
06/29/2023Harvest Fields Skills Park10.5
06/28/2023Tussey Mountain Trail63.5
06/24/2023Harvest Fields Skills Park12
06/20/2023Colyer Lake Trail / Hobie’s Trail11.25
06/19/2023Harvest Fields Skills Park11.25
06/19/2023Colyer Lake Trail / Hobie’s Trail12.0
06/18/2023North Meadows Road Trail11
06/09/2023Harvest Fields Skills Park11.25
06/08/2023Harvest Fields Skills Park11
06/06/2023Colyer Lake Trail / Hobie’s Trail11
05/26/2023Harvest Fields Skills Park83
05/24/2023Colyer Lake Trail / Hobie’s Trail12.25
05/24/2023Harvest Fields Skills Park13
05/23/2023Colyer Lake Trail / Hobie’s Trail12.5
05/23/2023Dylan’s Path104
05/21/2023Harvest Fields Skills Park12.25
05/20/2023New Laurel Run Trail12
05/19/2023Harvest Fields Skills Park122
05/19/2023Harvest Fields Skills Park11
05/19/2023Harvest Fields Skills Park23
05/19/2023Harvest Fields Skills Park184
05/18/2023Harvest Fields - Gnarvest Trail13
05/16/2023Harvest Fields Skills Park53
05/16/2023Unknown (add details in the Work Completed section)74
05/16/2023Tussey Mountain Trail12
05/13/2023Lower Trail13
05/13/2023Harvest Fields Skills Park22
05/13/2023Harvest Fields Skills Park24
05/12/2023Harvest Fields Skills Park10.5
05/11/2023Harvest Fields Skills Park22
05/11/2023Harvest Fields Skills Park14
05/11/2023Colyer Lake Trail / Hobie’s Trail11
05/11/2023Harvest Fields Skills Park11.25
05/11/2023Colyer Lake Trail / Hobie’s Trail12
05/09/2023Lonberger Path83
05/07/2023Landis Path32
05/07/2023Harvest Fields Skills Park27
04/27/2023Colyer Lake Trail / Hobie’s Trail11
04/25/2023Harvest Fields Skills Park18
04/20/2023Colyer Lake Trail / Hobie’s Trail11