Trail Work Completed

The following Trail Work Hours were logged.


Thanks again for helping out!

Date of WorkNameSelect the Rothrock State Forest TrailWork CompletedStatusNumber of hours per volunteer
07/16/2024Lyle DomicoLone Pine TrailCuts logs down on Lone Pine and Musser Gap re-route. Cleared rootball roots obstructing red-white drop to roaring run reservoir.Clear2
07/04/2024Lyle DomicoMaguire TrailLogs on Mcquire, Lower, BKR. Stonework on 3 bridges. Kirk Lauer and Ben Burgess too.Clear2
07/04/2024Lyle DomicoMaguire TrailCut logs on Mcquire, Lower, Bald Knob. Stonework on 3 bridges. Kirk Lauer and Ben Burgess also.Clear2
06/18/2024Corey DickmanHarvest Fields Skills ParkReworked pump track berms and 2 spots on TSA by the barn. Trimming and weed eating.Clear3
06/06/2024Corey DickmanHarvest Fields - Ascension TrailRepaired drainage and trimmed with the Crows. Led by Dominic and Ryan.Clear3
06/11/2024Dominic DanielsTussey Mountain TrailCut brush on Tuxedo and Upper LonbergerClear3
05/07/2024Michael PackardGalbraith Gap TrailParking lot and Galbraith path entrance cleared for visibility.Clear10
05/19/2024Corey DickmanHarvest Fields Skills ParkRefresh of upper skills lines and beginner loop. Dirt shaping and compaction, trimming and lead blowing for cleanup.Clear3
05/23/2024Catlin PondelHarvest Fields Skills ParkI did lots weed eating. I went through all the rock gardens and rock features. Trimmed some other little areas. Trimmed around the beginning of all the lines. Then trimmed down along the rope fence and the path just on the out side of it.Clear5
05/14/2024Catlin PondelColyer Lake Trail / Hobie’s TrailNear the lower parking lot a tree had tipped over, and blocked the trail. I cleared the tree and pile, the brush off to the side in the woods.Clear1
05/02/2024Corey DickmanHarvest Fields Skills ParkBike Roost trail work day! Refreshed intermediate line and beginner loop.Clear2
04/20/2024Corey DickmanHarvest Fields Skills ParkRefreshed intermediate and advanced jump lines. Refreshed start hub berms.Clear3
03/25/2024Harvest Fields Skills ParkPlanning session with Evan from LandServClear3
03/16/2024Chris EvansLonberger PathCleared drainsClear3
03/17/2024Harvest Fields - DAsendit TrailWork was done on DaSendit and Gnarvest. Leaf blowing and clearing a tree at the Jury RoomClear3
03/18/2024I removed a tree top that was hung up in some other trees about 30ft up. It was over a trail and frisbee golf pad at Harvest Field.Clear1
03/13/2024Michael PackardTree on John wert. Tree on north bear meadows.Clear5
03/03/2024Lower TrailCleared downed tree obstructions: 2 on Bald Knob, 1 on Mcquire, 2 on Lower.Clear4
02/11/2024Green Shoot TrailLogs on upper charcoal, lower at sand spring, greenshoot upper and at laurel run rdClear2
02/10/2024Charcoal Flats TrailTrees on charcoal, red white to reservoir dropClear3
02/05/2024Unknown (add details in the Work Completed section)Red White trail to charcoal flats. Cleared 4 tree obstructions. At least 3 to go. Ran out of daylight. 1 large tree will need wedged.Still has Significant Issues2
12/15/2023Lonberger PathI trimmed back and removed brush from the trail.Clear3
11/03/2023Colyer Lake Trail / Hobie’s TrailPick up trash and inspect condition of vegetationClear1
10/26/2023Harvest Fields Skills ParkBike park trimming, mowing and shaping dirt. 20 volunteers for 2 hours + ~10 more hours for leads = 50 totalStill has Minor issues2
11/02/2023Henry MargusityUnknown (add details in the Work Completed section)This is the number of hours of trail work for the 2023 season.Clear101
10/18/2023Harvest Fields Skills ParkWeed eat SUBLIMEClear1.5
10/11/2023Colyer Lake Trail / Hobie’s TrailWeed eatingClear1.25
10/12/2023Colyer Lake Trail / Hobie’s TrailWeed eatingClear0.75
10/08/2023Harvest Fields Skills ParkTrimming on beginner loop and rock line with DR trimmer mower.Still has Minor issues2
10/01/2023Tussey Extension TrailCleared the Extension trail Beer Tap to Treaster Kettle Rd. Chainsaw. String trimmer. 2 cargo fat bikes.Clear3
09/27/2023Weed eatingClear1.75
09/24/2023Bald Knob Ridge TrailCleared 2 storm damaged trees obstructing trail east and west of rattlesnake rock.Clear2
09/18/2023Harvest Fields Skills ParkWeed eat SUBLIMEClear1.5
09/13/2023Colyer Lake Trail / Hobie’s TrailWeed eatingClear1.5
09/10/2023Lyle DomicoMaguire TrailRemoved 2 trees blocking upper Mcguire above first switchback.Clear1
09/10/2023Lyle DomicoLower TrailRemoved elevated pine tree across Lower just upstream from McGuire intersectionClear1
09/08/2023I did a loop. Upper Lonberger trail, Kettle trail, and Tussey Mountain trail. Cleared down trees and limbs for trails.Still has Significant Issues7
09/05/2023Colyer Lake Trail / Hobie’s TrailWeed eatClear1.5
09/03/2023Harvest Fields Skills ParkWeed eatClear1
09/05/2023Galbraith Gap TrailParking lots lower and upper, cleared of high weeds and small trees so that boulders are visible. Cleared cup de sac area. Trimmed Black Bear trail to the road. Cleared entrance to Galbraith and small trees obstructing view of mountain side returning traffic.Clear4
08/31/2023Harvest Fields Skills ParkWeed eating about half of the parkClear1.5
08/30/2023Harvest Fields Skills ParkWeed eating SUBLIME from parking lot to park entrance and around the service road.Clear1.5
08/28/2023Harvest Fields - Gnarvest TrailWeed eat from where trail meets Bomb Voyage to the exit @ Valley ViewClear1.25
08/28/2023Harvest Fields - Bomb Voyage TrailWeed Eat Cut vegetation is now on the trailClear1.0
08/21/2023Colyer Lake Trail / Hobie’s TrailWeed eatingClear1.5
08/20/2023Pruning and trash collectionClear1.25
08/16/2023Harvest Fields Skills ParkSUBLIME---Weed eating from Calvary parking lot to Bike Park EntranceStill has Minor issues1.25
07/31/2023Harvest Fields Skills ParkHF SUBLIME---Weed eatingClear1.25
07/26/2023Weed eatingClear1.5
07/27/2023Colyer Lake Trail / Hobie’s TrailWeed eatingClear1.25
08/08/2023Colyer Lake Trail / Hobie’s TrailWeed eatingClear1.75
08/09/2023Colyer Lake Trail / Hobie’s TrailWeed eatingClear1.5
07/22/2023Harvest Fields Skills ParkMowed along tot loop and upper lines to push back tall stuff for better visibility. Temp fixed standing water issue on start hub and pump loop.Clear2
07/20/2023Harvest Fields - Ascension TrailWeed eating--portion of SUBLIME near the service road and the first section of Ascension between the ponds.Clear1.25
07/23/2023Unknown (add details in the Work Completed section)Cleared downed trees on west end of existing flagged 1400’ elevation trail from Musser Gap trail toward high line. Still needs brush work. Nice level trail.Clear2
07/23/2023Huckleberry LoopCleared logs on upper and lower Huckleberry loop back to Mountain mist. Passable, but could use brushing on upper ridge section.Still has Minor issues2
07/18/2023Corey DickmanHarvest Fields - Ascension TrailRepaired stormwater erosion on Ascension and Valley view and Captivate. Some small washouts remain on Captivate. Reporting two extra volunteers to account for time by those coordinating and shuttling equipment and my extra time in the bike park.Clear2
07/20/2023Harvest Fields - Ascension TrailLeaf blew on bottom of Ascension to clean up trimming. Removed old faded white signs from 4x4 sign posts on Valley View. Remove thistles and trimmed around puncheons near the barn.Clear2
07/18/2023Colyer Lake Trail / Hobie’s TrailWeed eating and pruningClear1.75
07/17/2023Harvest Fields Skills ParkSUBLIME---Weed eatingClear1.5
07/13/2023Harvest Fields Skills ParkUsed brush cutter to trim back tall vegetation along some of the lines.Still has Significant Issues2
07/15/2023Harvest Fields Skills ParkUsed flamethrower to kill vegetation on rock garden (climbing side).Clear2
06/30/2023Harvest Fields Skills ParkWeed eating--2nd round on the middle rock line Weed eating-SUBLIMEClear1.25
06/29/2023Harvest Fields Skills ParkWeed eating SUBLIME above the ParkClear0.5
06/29/2023Harvest Fields Skills ParkWeed eatingClear2.0
07/06/2023Colyer Lake Trail / Hobie’s TrailWeed eatingClear1.5
06/28/2023Tussey Mountain TrailTrimmed the Ridge from Filmore eastbound (toward the Beer Tap) to the east side of the Burn area. The gasline to Beer Tap and Filmore towards Tux still needs work although the Ridge is not bad. Tux needs more work too.Clear3.5
06/24/2023Harvest Fields Skills ParkRemoved ruts from kids riding in the mud. Raked, shaped and compacted. Moved tools from the field to underneath the advanced drop. Raked rocks from the pump loop.Clear2
06/18/2023Michael PackardNorth Meadows Road TrailDry Oak tree had fallen recently and was partially impeding the trail as you descend. I saw it the day before and packed my small saw in my mountain bike pack. I was able to cut to about 8 inches of tree/branch girth with this saw but it was dry and solid oak, so slow going. A chain saw at some point would be good to really clear the trail properly but it is completely clear for now with large pieces still within a foot or two from the trail border. I like to fly down that hill as I know others do as well, this tree was a serious issue if you were biking down in the dusk or dark! Or in a group of riders in close proximity.Clear1
06/09/2023Linda MarshallHarvest Fields Skills ParkWeed eat trails and weed eat thistle on SublimeClear1.25
06/08/2023Linda MarshallHarvest Fields Skills ParkWeed eatClear1
06/06/2023Linda MarshallColyer Lake Trail / Hobie’s TrailLitter clean upClear1
06/18/2023Linda MarshallLitter clean upClear1
06/19/2023Linda MarshallHarvest Fields Skills ParkCut SublimeClear1.25
06/19/2023Linda MarshallColyer Lake Trail / Hobie’s TrailWeed eat and pruneClear2.0
06/20/2023Linda MarshallColyer Lake Trail / Hobie’s TrailWeed eating and pruningClear1.25
05/13/2023Aaron HofeltLower TrailFixed boards on bridges.Clear3
05/19/2023Jonathan MayerHarvest Fields Skills ParkAssisted with the group working on the skills park on Friday May 19, 2023Clear3
05/26/2023Rob BrawlHarvest Fields Skills Parkraking, compacting, watering etcClear3
05/18/2023Rob BrawlHarvest Fields - Gnarvest TrailWeed wack on Captivate......gotta fix the drop down menuClear3
05/17/2023Rob BrawlWeed wack, rake, compact HFCTClear3
05/16/2023Aaron HofeltTussey Mountain Trailremoved branches and deadfallClear2
05/20/2023aaron hofeltNew Laurel Run Trailleaf blowingClear2
05/23/2023Dominic DanielsDylan’s PathRemoved root mat from upper section of Dylan's Path and built more durable trail tread from mineral soil.Clear4
05/19/2023Dominic DanielsHarvest Fields Skills ParkWorked with the large group to rake and tamp trails. Directed volunteers on climb trail. Blew dead plant material off trail. Watered pump trackClear4
05/16/2023Dominic DanielsHarvest Fields Skills ParkTrimmed plants around berms, jump lines, and trail.Clear3
05/13/2023Dominic DanielsHarvest Fields Skills ParkRaked and compacted start hubs and bermsClear2
05/11/2023Dominic DanielsHarvest Fields Skills ParkRaked and compacted trailsClear2
05/09/2023Dominic DanielsLonberger PathCleared and dug better drainage on the newly rerouted LonbergerClear3
05/07/2023Dominic DanielsLandis PathTrail has significant water issues. Dug better drainage for surface water in several locations.Still has Minor issues2
05/19/2023Liz MoriartaHarvest Fields Skills ParkRaked rocks out of the grassClear1
05/24/2023Chris EvansHarvest Fields Skills ParkGraded area around jump line to ensure proper water run offClear3
05/19/2023Terry MahonHarvest Fields Skills ParkPushmowed grassy area in between beginner, advanced,, and intermediate tracksClear2
05/21/2023Jeff MolekHarvest Fields Skills ParkInstalled trail signage, raked trail edges, installed trail divider ropeClear2.25
05/24/2023Linda MarshallColyer Lake Trail / Hobie’s TrailWeed eatingClear2.25
05/23/2023Linda MarshallColyer Lake Trail / Hobie’s TrailWeedeatingClear2.5
05/16/2023R BrawlUnknown (add details in the Work Completed section)HFCT Skills Park Spring refresh work. Compacted tot pump track and all trail tread. Raked new top soil in prep for hydro seeding.Still has Minor issues4
05/13/2023Corey DickmanHarvest Fields Skills ParkShape and compact entire top loop and upper half of beginner line. Also picked up new plate compactor at Sunbelt rental.Closed4
05/12/2023Linda MarshallHarvest Fields Skills ParkRaked cuttingsClear0.5
05/11/2023Corey DickmanHarvest Fields Skills ParkRaking, compactingClosed4
04/20/2023Linda MarshallColyer Lake Trail / Hobie’s TrailCleaned up trash and reported trees down on trail.Clear1
04/27/2023Linda MarshallColyer Lake Trail / Hobie’s TrailTrash clean upClear1
05/11/2023Linda MarshallColyer Lake Trail / Hobie’s TrailWeed eat the meadow section of the trailClear1
05/11/2023Linda MarshallHarvest Fields Skills ParkWeed eat edges of the trail where vegetation covers rocks and boards/rampsClear1.25
05/11/2023Linda MarshallColyer Lake Trail / Hobie’s TrailWeed eatingClear2
05/07/2023Corey DickmanHarvest Fields Skills ParkShape and compact treadClosed7
04/25/2023Corey DickmanHarvest Fields Skills ParkWork with contractor to kick off park refresh. Installed 400 ft of hose for irrigation, shaping and compacting. Bought said hose and a landscaping rake from Lowes. Hose has a lifetime warranty so let's keep the receipt in a handy place... I'm sure we'll use it. Installed a PVC adapter to brass hose fitting on the water storage tank. Joe started on the tot loop and rework of the split decision and the small tabletop.Closed8