Special Projects

NMBA Special Projects

Harvest Fields Community Trails and Skills Park is probably our most well-known project to date. But we are the force behind many other trail building and repair projects throughout Rothrock State Forest and Centre County.

Rattlesnake Canyon

Rattlesnake Canyon

Adding a truly unique steep and flowy trail experience to the area, Rattle Snake canyon is an excellent example of what can be done when folks find common ground in riding. Situated at the bottom of the privately owned Bailout Trail, Rattle Snake was conceived by one land owner’s desire to connect Bailout with Hobie’s Trail around Colyer Lake. Neighbors agreed on connecting the trails and the unique topography became the canvas for an amazing trail.

On perhaps the best attended and most efficient hand built project in the area, Rattle Snake was built in about 5 hours with over 40 volunteers! A huge cross section of rider types laid down a sweet, flowy bermfest for all to enjoy.

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Croyle Reroute

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Kettle Re-Route

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In yet another demonstration of the power of collaboration, a 1300’ section of Kettle Trail on the southside of Bear Meadows Road was rerouted in the summer of 2022.  This section of Kettle was a fall line trail with significant erosion and demostratedly low use.  DCNR selected this section as a seasonal rehab project and reached out to NMBA for support.  While the heavy work was done with an mini-excavator, the important finish work was completed by volunteers from the Rothrock Regulators riding group and NMBA.  DCNR is able to plan and accomplish this type of rehab on a small budget as they know they can count on local volunteers to round out the work.  Open source user data shows that this rehab has been an incredible success now  becoming one of the most popular trails in the Galbraith Gap area.  It also provides access to a wider variety of user abilities while protecting resources from uncontrolled erosion.

Adopt a Highway

For more than a decade, NMBA has been giving to the greater outdoor community through PennDoT’s Adopt-a-Highway program. Since 2012, NMBA has sponsored Bear Medows Road from Rte 322 to the Galbraith Gap parking lot. Twice a year, volunteers spend time collecting trash along the road leading into Rothrock’s most popular road entry. In the Spring of 2023, NMBA collaborated with the Penn State Graduate and Professional’s Outdoor Club (GPOC) for the event.

Adopt a Highway

Have an Idea?

Have a special project you’d like to suggest for the greater good of the biking, hiking and Rothrock loving community? Email us!