Report Trail Issues

Did you go hiking, biking, running, bird-watching or strolling through Rothrock State Forest (including Harvest Fields Community Trails) today and noticed an issue with the trails that you’d like to report—like a down tree blocking a trail, damage to a wooden trail bridge, or washed out areas? Please take a few moments and review our known issues and report a new one below.

Known Trail Issues

The following have been reported recently. If you do not see the issue you want to report, use the form below this list to do so.

No.Trail NameIssueDescribe Issue and Location on Trail
10Green Shoot TrailTree/Limb Blocking TrailTrees down in 2 locations; between intersection at midpoint of trail and top
7Harvest Fields - Ascension TrailTree/Limb Blocking Trail6 inch diameter about have to 3/4 of the way up Ascension.
5Harvest Fields - Valley View TrailErosion/WashoutMultiple areas of mostly mild washout after yesterday's storm. I walked all gravel trails (except from white barn to first intersection). Washout is noted with yellow circles on uploaded map. I have several photos of areas of washout. Worst washout is on CAPtivate near the guard rail and sublime between the pond and ascention intersection. The red dots note old issues that may or may not be on the radar. Large hole by bridge on valley view (plugged with rock - rideable) and loose board on bridge near "stinky pond" on CAPtivate. Will follow-up with email of photos showing extent of washout (easier to email photos from phone). If we don't get too much rain, I will ride likely ride the dirt trails at HF tomorrow morning and will report any issues. then.
10Lonberger PathTree/Limb Blocking Trail3 large trees down on Upper Lonberger trail. They are more towards the end of Upper Lonberger trail near North Meadows rd.
8Lower TrailTree/Limb Blocking TrailLower Trail has a big pine tree down
Lower TrailTree/Limb Blocking Trail Bridge DamageLarge elevated tree down lower trail- waist height also Small wooden bridge (one of the two) with several consecutive broken planks - ok for now but may deteriorate quickly.
9Maguire TrailTree/Limb Blocking TrailTree down across downhill section; maybe rideable for some but most not
11North Meadows TrailTree/Limb Blocking TrailTree w/ branches within the last 15 feet of the trail where it meets up w/ Laurel run (little flat)
8Three Bridges TrailTree/Limb Blocking TrailLarge trees obstructing bridge- possible bridge damage
9Tussey Extension TrailTree/Limb Blocking TrailTree down across Tuxedo roughly halfway between Bear Meadows trailhead and Kettle. Looks to be about 12" in diameter.

Report Trail Issues or Damage in Rothrock or Harvest Fields

Please let us know if you see issues with a trail that prevents it from being passable by bike or when hiking/running. You can also report issues with the Harvest Fields Community Trails and Skills Park here, as well.

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Log Trail Work

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