Recent Trail Work – Thank You!!

Sep 30, 2015

Thanks to those who have been out doing some of this under their own steam and initiative. I know Chris B. and friends spent several hours recently clearing Ross trail from top to bottom so it is now open to “bombing” after you pay the Seeger Rd penalty.

Sep 19th saw Aaron H. and Lora Z., helped by Dave R., and Neil M., oversee a group of community service volunteers who helped clear:

  • Tussey Mountain trail from the burn area all the way to the beer tap
  • the connection from Dylan’s Path up the gas line to Tussey Mountain trail
  • and Dylan’s Path from the beer tap down to where the logging occurs on the private land of jaggers, brush, branches etc.

Why? Well to enhance your riding pleasure!

Sep 27th saw Aaron H., Mike Lindeman and Neil M., oversee a second group of community service volunteers in the Musser Gap area who helped clear:

  • the top of Mountain Mist trail where the old logging cut ends up to the power line Lone Pine trail from Mountain Mist trail (the power line) to the intersection (ending point) with Deer Path
  • and Mountain Mist trail from the Deer Path intersection up to the Highline Vista.

Not sure where these trails are take a look at the Purple Lizard map link here:

Reminder: please enter your trailwork hours into the log on the NMBA website it is the only way we and DCNR have to track these efforts. (Or you can email me the details and I will enter it – needs to contain date, number of hours, trail, description, travel time and number of people involved)