NMBA Trail Work

Trail Building and Maintenance

For over 20 years, NMBA Volunteers have maintained trails in the area. In practicality, a trail is a maintained corridor through the landscape.  We use best practices in partnership with groups, individuals and government to keep local trails in sustainable condition for all user types.  The diverse volunteer tasks required to efficiently maintain trails means there is a place for everyone to contribute!  NMBA is organized to enable volunteers to make meaningful contributions in support of our communities needs.

Are you a biker, hiker, trail runner, horseback rider, bird watcher, climber or other outdoor enthusiast? Want to have a hand in improving our trail systems? VOLUNTEER!  We’d love to have you along on our next NMBA trail work project.

Purple Lizard Maps

Need to report down trees, erosion or other trail issues?

Check out this trail maintenance footage from State College Dronediculous videographer, Brad Fey.

Kettle Re-Route

Trail Maintenance

Harvest Fields Trail Building

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  1. Volunteer to be a team lead! Look to see what is available above or on the Volunteer Opportunities page, and adopt a section and decide on a date and time.
  2. Volunteer for a supporting role. Check out what is avialble on the Volunteer Opportunities page or our Calendar.
  3. Consider coordinating additional volunteers using NMBA chat.
  4. Contact trailwork@nittanymba.org for access to tools and / or if you have any questions
  5. Log your hours using Trailforks! http://nittanymba.org/log-your-trail-work/

NMBA Projects

A lot of time, effort and sometimes pure grit go into maintaining and improving the trail systems in Rothrock State Forest. Here’s a glimps into some of the projects we lead…

Kettle Trailhead Maintenance

Bridge Build on Three Bridges Trail

Building Harvest Fields