Bear Meadows Timbersale Removal

Nov 26, 2013

Use caution when riding Lonberger!! The message below was sent from Joshua Thompson, Management Forester, Rothrock State Forest:

I am writing this letter to make you aware that the timbersale that is adjacent to the Lonberger path on Tussey Mountain will become active very soon. Crews may begin clearing the trees for the haul road as early as this week and road construction may begin as early as Wednesday, December 4th. After the haul road is constructed, crews will begin logging the area and log trucks will be traveling the haul road frequently. The timber sale will be limited to within the fences. However, the trail will be impacted in several locations due to hauling/skidding roads. I have posted signs to caution trail users of hazards during the active logging operation at both trail heads and where the trail crosses the haul road. I have told the buyer to be on the lookout for trail users, but everyone will have to be very aware when using this section of trail. Please contact me with any questions/concerns that you may have. Thank You!