Last Beginner Ride of the Year

Sep 23, 2015

With the days growing shorter, this Thursday will mark the last official NMBA Beginner Ride of 2015. Although the days are getting shorter, it’s going to be a beautiful evening for a ride and I hope that you will all join us.

As always, the ride will begin at 6pm in the Galbraith Gap lot. If you have a light, bring it.

As the season winds down, please take a minute to thank this year’s Beginner Ride volunteers who showed our new folks the trails, gave tips, and encouraged all of our riders. This year’s volunteers were: Beckee Julius, Nick Sloff, Aaron Hofelt, Carol Younkins, Christie Orr, Scott Sheeder, Mary Dean Coleman Kelly, Henry Margusity, Dave Ponzer, Jack Chemega, Neil Millar, Michael Lindeman, Rob Sharer, and Tom Kistler (so sorry if I missed anyone!!)

Your devoted Beginner Ride coordinator,
Betty Harper