Join Nittany Mountain Biking Association

NMBA Memberships cost $50 and are good for a calendar year (Jan – Dec). Purchasing your NMBA membership online allows you to sign a liability waiver at the same time, which lowers our insurance costs, and helps cover us as a club when running fun events and group rides that you love to participate in! We prefer that all memberships are now purchased online through the link below, rather than through CentreGives donations, in order to more easily ensure that all members have a current liability waiver signed. If you purchase a membership in any other way, someone from the club will email you a link to the waiver to sign.

NMBA thanks you for your support through your paid membership! New members are always welcome at NMBA Membership Meetings (check the calendar).

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Why Join NMBA

Trail Access and Care

NMBA works closely with local authorities and other groups to develop and maintain our large network of local trails. NMBA has made efforts to ensure that the trails mountain bikers (and other outdoor enthusiasts) enjoy, stay open and are well maintained. We run regularly scheduled trail building and maintenance activities. Trail work is a great way to get involved in your local community for a few hours during the season; meet fellow enthusiasts, and give back.

Organized group rides

What could be better than mountain biking through the lush forests of Pennsylvania? Mountain biking with a group of your buddies! Organized group rides are a great time to get together with the people you know, but also allow you to meet new bikers. We run regularly scheduled rides for the absolute beginner all the way through advanced rides during the riding season.

Meeting new people

Tired of Biking alone? Joining NMBA is a great way to find a riding partner. Don’t be afraid and think that the NMBA is only a group of advanced riders or a racing club. One of the goals of the NMBA is to provide a forum for everyone where they can meet and ride with others of their own ability and fitness level. NMBA hosts a very active web forum where people regularly meet up to find a ride or swap stories. Join NMBA, and you may find that biking buddy you’ve been looking for.

Discover new trails

New to the area? Short on time? Trails are scarce, and good trails are even harder to find, especially by yourself. Chances are that someone else knows of one that you don’t.

How to help Everyday


Supporting this bond with the land, our mountain bike club follows six basic rules of the trail borrowed from IMBA, the International Mountain Biking Association, and we strongly encourage you to do the same. Following these simple rules will be a large step forward in protecting our land use privileges.


    • Ride on open trails only
    • Leave no trace
    • Control your bicycle
    • Always yield trail
    • Never spook animals
    • Plan ahead
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