Hunting Season Safety

Hunting Season Safety

Recommendations for Mountain Biking during Hunting Season.

Trails in the Centre Region are on at least four different land entities, each of which has its own restrictions during hunting season. It is the rider’s responsibility to know which land type they are riding and the regulations specific to each. It is possible you may cross several different types while riding. These recommendations are a starting point and not fully comprehensive in covering the complex hunting regulations.

State Gamelands:

Scotia area SGL #179, which borders Centerville Park and the Haugh Tract
State Game Lands Signage

  • The primary purpose of these lands is to provide opportunities for hunting.
  • Generally, state gamelands are the most restrictive with an active law enforcement presence who will ticket cyclists.
  • Rideable trails are marked with these symbols or similar.

These multi-use roads or trails are open to bicycling and horseback riding at certain times of the year, and under certain restrictions. Riding activities are not permitted (except on Sundays or on roads open to public travel) from the last Saturday in September thru the third Saturday in January, and before 1 p.m. from the second Saturday in April thru the last Saturday in May. This does not apply to anyone lawfully engaged in hunting, trapping or fishing on state game lands. Designated routes are posted by the Game Commission as being open to travel by a non-motorized vehicle, conveyance or animal.

Private Property:

Dylan’s Path, Bailout Trail, Rattle Snake Canyon Trail, Harvest Fields

Private property varies significantly in owners restrictions for hunting.

    • Harvest Fields – hunting restricted; a good choice during hunting season
    • Dylan’s Path – focused on hunting; plan to avoid; respect signage
    • Bailout Trail– respect signage
    • Rattle Snake Canyon Trail – respect signage

State Parks and Forests:

Rothrock State Forest, Bald Eagle State Forest, Moshannon State Forest, Black Moshannon State Park, Greenwood Furnace State Park

In general, recreating during hunting season in State Parks and Forests is permitted at the risk of the user. You can reduce this risk with your actions such as avoiding the area, making yourself visible (by wearing orange) and being heard.

Other Municipalities:

Haugh Tract, Colyer Lake (Fish & Boat Commission), Centre Region Parks

    • Haugh Tract allows hunting.
    • Coyer Lake – Swimming is prohibited at Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission lakes and access areas.
    • See specific websites to determine guidance.

Suggested Riding options during Hunting Seasons

Coyler Lake or Harvest Fields, gravel roads, or other areas where hunting is not allowed.

General Recommendations:

Several hunting seasons are year-round while the greatest restrictions exist from early September through February.  Most Sunday’s hunting is prohibited but there have been specific Sunday’s authorized to promote hunting.


  • State Gamelands and hunting designated private property as they are most restrictive.
  • All area’s the first few days of deer firearms season which has traditionally started right after Thanksgiving as this period has the greatest density of hunters of the year.
  • Dark clothing. Wear Blaze Orange — specifically 250 square inches.
  • Riding at dawn or dusk as these are the times of day species are most active& hunters prefer to be out.


  • Check websites for current seasons and restrictions.
  • Respect private land as your conduct determines long term access to some of our most important trails.
  • Wear bright colors.
  • Make your presence known.
  • Respect hunters right to enjoy the outdoors.

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