Hunting Season

Nov 19, 2018

As you know, hunting season has started in the central Pennsylvania, with rifle season kicking off on Monday, November 26. This post serves as a reminder for all members to be aware, wear orange clothing, if possible, be respectful, and stay safe!

I would also like to take this opportunity to remind members to treat all private lands (non state forest) with respect. Stay on the designated paths or roads we have been given permission to use and DO NOT deviate from these tracks as that jeopardizes our future use of these areas. These areas include:

– Ferguson township land – Kepler Road area
– State College Water Authority land – Kepler Road and Shingletown Gap areas
– Corner Road and Dylan’s Path (also known as Camp Rd & posted as Camp trail) – off Bear Meadows Rd up to the beer tap
– Kistler loop & Leniency trail – from the beer tap down to Treaster Kettle Rd

If you do happen to run into issues in these areas, please be polite and respectful (as hard as that might be), advise the person/s as a member of NMBA we have been granted permission to traverse that section of trail/road by the owner. If you see others abusing this privilege we have been granted please advise them to stop as it jeopardizes our future access to the trail/road. In either case, I would also ask that you get a hold of one of the NMBA officers ASAP after any negative incident so we are aware of any potential issues.

Enjoy the fall/winter riding season and share the woods respectfully!