2015 Officers and Board Members

Feb 19, 2015

Congratulations to the new group of NMBA Officers and Board Members!

Officers: Secretary – Lora Zimmerman, Treasurer – Matt Hunt, Vice President – Mike Lindeman, President – Neil Millar.
Board: Dave Celanto, Mike Dwyer, Jim Glover, Aaron Hofelt, Brian Julius, Dave Pontzer, Terri Rudy & Jason Stout

If you see these guys around, thank them for making our club awesome! A special hello and thank you to Mike Lindeman, taking on a new role of Vice President this year, and to the new Board Members Dave Celanto and Jason Stout. To all those who continued on in the same role as last year, NMBA is happy and lucky to have you.

Read all about them on the Who Are We? page.