Nittany Mountain Biking Association

Nittany Mountain Biking Association (NMBA) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization for Mountain Bike enthusiasts in the Centre County, PA region. We are dedicated to the protection of mountain bike trails in this area. We come from all areas of central PA, all ages and walks of life, and are connected by our common love of mountain biking and the land.

NMBA has a wide range of ways people can get involved whether you are an occasional vacation rider, a mountain bike racer, or trail enthusiast.

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...transported by Tom...

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...used by Adam...

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(or you!) clear a trail for all.

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Need to report down trees, erosion or other trail issues?

Harvest Fields Community Trails

The Harvest Field Community Trails are the area’s newest trails designed specifically for community members new to mountain biking while providing fun trails for the experienced rider.  

Harvest Fields Community Trails logo

Trail Work

Nittany Mountain Biking Association works closely with local authorities, groups and private land owners to develop and maintain trails. We make efforts to ensure that the trails mountain bikers (and other outdoor enthusiasts) enjoy, are open, accessible and well maintained.

Ride with Us!

NMBA hosts weekly summer group rides and occasional weekend rides throughout the year! Learn how you can participate in our no-drop group rides. These rides are a great opportunity to get out on the trails and meet new people. See you soon on the trails! In case your schedule doesn’t match, our rides page has links to other shop and group rides.

NMBA Riders
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