Raffle Results

Thanks to all who came out to enjoy a great day in Black Moshannon State Park and Moshannon State Forest.

And the real news is – the raffle outcome:

3rd prize winner – Camelback MULE – John Rader from Huntingdon

2nd prize winner – Stans No Tubes Wheelset – Tom Kistler from Colyer Lake

1st prize winner – Specialized Camber Comp – Robyne Spiller form Treasure Lake

Thanks to Stans NoTubes for the wheelset donation, and The Bicycle Shop for helping out with the bike and camelbak

Also thanks to Darryl from Five Ten for some giveaway swag for those present

Days are getting shorter – Bring lights

The weather is perfect for riding, but the days are getting shorter. When you’re heading out for an after-work ride, it’s time to start remembering a light. There are lots of great options, and if you don’t already have one, head out to a local shop to help get you outfitted for the fall!

If you are planning to attend the last Beginner Rides of the year (only 1 more after tonight) and you have lights, bring them. The plan is always to end the rides before the light fades, but the best laid plans can go awry and it’s best to be prepared!

Happy riding!

Trail Condition Status

The trails have reported their own conditions to us! How nice! A note from the trails –

I know you are all dying to get out and come see me and I can’t wait to see you too, but please don’t hurry to do so and wreck the fragile trails that are overall wet and soft given the rain yesterday and the continued thawing/melting process. Give the ways to access me time to dry out – please.

Bear Meadows Rd: ice covered with two ruts with running water up to the dirt section that is then clear but wet and muddy.

Lornberger: very wet and soft and susceptible to ruts even from a Fatbike – as usual this time of year. The lower part of Chute has a nice downhill ice slide to the road on the upper portion soft and wet.

Tussey Ridge: clear except for the half a dozen or more trees down (some of these will need the big chain saw) and the blown “tumble” weed, but getting there is the issue.

For Tussey: Corner Rd is partially clear with some snow patches but very soft in parts. Dylan’s path is soft with 2-3 snow patches. Tuxedo is soft and has at least one tree down.

North Meadows Rd: snow/ice covered – packed snow from all the snowshoe activity.

Upper Lornberger: unknown

Greenshoot: clear up to Bald Knob and across Bald Knob is clear as is Maguire. Maguire is soft in the lower sections in the trees – please let me dry out.

Lower: icy covered around Maguire and down to Shingletown and upto the connector to Greenshoot. Then Lower is super soft and snow covered in sections.

Charcoal flats – Shingletown Gap: one word… MUD

Coopers Gap, Beautiful and Deer tick: clear, with Deer Tick soft in the lower regions, Coopers Gap Rd still has ice in sections

Volunteers Needed


You do NOT have to be a great rider to help out with Beginner Rides! You should like people, riding, and know a trail or two out of the Galbraith Gap lot. It’s a great chance to meet some newbies to mountain biking, and a great excuse to commit to a ride.

We have all been there at some point, so now is your chance to help others riders learn the local trails and basic mountain bike skills. We are looking for 2-4 people each week, the more the merrier, to lead/sweep/help with the Thursday night beginner rides. This is a popular NMBA activity that often attracts new members, but we need more club members to help out. If each experienced club member signs up just once a month (May through September) we will be in great shape for the summer.

If you would like to be included on the list of Beginner Ride Volunteers, email Betty Harper at betty.harper@nittanymba.org(this does not commit you to any particular dates, it just means that you will be on the contact list of potential volunteers).