Have Ideas for making NMBA better?

Do you have ideas you’ve been dying to share? Can you help make NMBA an even more awesome club? Run for the Board for next year!

As the year draws to a close it is time to start thinking about new board members and officers as I don’t think it is good for the club to have the same few view points leading the club continuously. So challenge those of you who haven’t held an officer or board member position in the club and would like to see the continued growth and service the club provides to start thinking about stepping up/forward to fill one of the positions for 2016 and keep NMBA moving forward.

Send an email to info@nittanymba.org or click the Contact Us link at the bottom of the page, and let us know you’re interested in running!

Recent Trail Work – Thank You!!

Thanks to those who have been out doing some of this under their own steam and initiative. I know Chris B. and friends spent several hours recently clearing Ross trail from top to bottom so it is now open to “bombing” after you pay the Seeger Rd penalty.

Sep 19th saw Aaron H. and Lora Z., helped by Dave R., and Neil M., oversee a group of community service volunteers who helped clear:

  • Tussey Mountain trail from the burn area all the way to the beer tap
  • the connection from Dylan’s Path up the gas line to Tussey Mountain trail
  • and Dylan’s Path from the beer tap down to where the logging occurs on the private land of jaggers, brush, branches etc.

Why? Well to enhance your riding pleasure!

Sep 27th saw Aaron H., Mike Lindeman and Neil M., oversee a second group of community service volunteers in the Musser Gap area who helped clear:

  • the top of Mountain Mist trail where the old logging cut ends up to the power line Lone Pine trail from Mountain Mist trail (the power line) to the intersection (ending point) with Deer Path
  • and Mountain Mist trail from the Deer Path intersection up to the Highline Vista.

Not sure where these trails are take a look at the Purple Lizard map link here: http://www.clearwaterconservancy.org/featured_programs/15

Reminder: please enter your trailwork hours into the log on the NMBA website it is the only way we and DCNR have to track these efforts. http://nittanymba.org/trail-work/ (Or you can email me the details and I will enter it – needs to contain date, number of hours, trail, description, travel time and number of people involved)

Last Beginner Ride of the Year

With the days growing shorter, this Thursday will mark the last official NMBA Beginner Ride of 2015. Although the days are getting shorter, it’s going to be a beautiful evening for a ride and I hope that you will all join us.

As always, the ride will begin at 6pm in the Galbraith Gap lot. If you have a light, bring it.

As the season winds down, please take a minute to thank this year’s Beginner Ride volunteers who showed our new folks the trails, gave tips, and encouraged all of our riders. This year’s volunteers were: Beckee Julius, Nick Sloff, Aaron Hofelt, Carol Younkins, Christie Orr, Scott Sheeder, Mary Dean Coleman Kelly, Henry Margusity, Dave Ponzer, Jack Chemega, Neil Millar, Michael Lindeman, Rob Sharer, and Tom Kistler (so sorry if I missed anyone!!)

Your devoted Beginner Ride coordinator,
Betty Harper

Raffle Results

Thanks to all who came out to enjoy a great day in Black Moshannon State Park and Moshannon State Forest.

And the real news is – the raffle outcome:

3rd prize winner – Camelback MULE – John Rader from Huntingdon

2nd prize winner – Stans No Tubes Wheelset – Tom Kistler from Colyer Lake

1st prize winner – Specialized Camber Comp – Robyne Spiller form Treasure Lake

Thanks to Stans NoTubes for the wheelset donation, and The Bicycle Shop for helping out with the bike and camelbak

Also thanks to Darryl from Five Ten for some giveaway swag for those present

Days are getting shorter – Bring lights

The weather is perfect for riding, but the days are getting shorter. When you’re heading out for an after-work ride, it’s time to start remembering a light. There are lots of great options, and if you don’t already have one, head out to a local shop to help get you outfitted for the fall!

If you are planning to attend the last Beginner Rides of the year (only 1 more after tonight) and you have lights, bring them. The plan is always to end the rides before the light fades, but the best laid plans can go awry and it’s best to be prepared!

Happy riding!